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DesignThonet Design Team: Julia Homrighausen, 2016

The multi-talent for the office: CANOR acoustic partition

Sound insulation, room divider, bulletin board and storage – CANOR unites many functions. Thanks to numerous individualisation options the acoustic partition adjusts to a wide range of requirements and environments. CANOR, Latin for noise or sound, reduces noises due to the special upholstery and textile cover and enables undisturbed and concentrated working. In open-plan offices or co-working spaces, as a divider between private living and working areas or as a bulletin board for conference rooms and in the home office: the acoustic partition is the homely solution for various requirements in day-to-day work life and offers plenty of added value. Both sides of the upholstery can be used as a bulletin board, making the piece a silent helper in meetings. Due to the weight, CANOR can be easily moved and guarantees high flexibility. Thanks to the generously large shelf, the furniture offers storage for folders, documents or decorations.

All acoustically effective materials from the Thonet portfolio can be used for covering the surfaces. The wooden frame is available in different versions – beech, ash or oak, all stained and/or lacquered.


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Thonet Design Team: Julia Homrighausen

Thonet Design Team: Julia Homrighausen

Julia Homrighausen, born 1993 in Siegen, completed her training as a technical product designer specialised in design and construction at Thonet. During her training she already supported the Thonet Design Team and accompanied smaller projects. Until March 2017, she had been working in the THONET product development unit as a designer and project manager.

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Materials and Surfaces

The sensitive selection of the surfaces is decisive for the character of any piece of furniture. Therefore, we offer an almost limitless range of materials, allowing for an individual and special touch for each piece. Create your personal chair or table by choosing from our comprehensive collection of materials for the frame and upholstery. Please note that the materials listed here only represent a small selection of our production possibilities. Our specialist trade partner near you will be happy to offer advice.


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  • Credo
  • 24 Azur
  • 25 Moss
  • 2 Safran
  • 19 Snow
  • 22 Stone
  • Novum
  • 15 Curry
  • 30 Lagoon
  • 33 Mambo
  • 08 Prime
  • 23 Viola
  • Steelcut Trio 2
  • 153 Grey- black
  • 213 Beige
  • 353 Brown-turquoise
  • 665 Red
  • 675 Blue


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  • Wood & Veneers
  • Beech
  • Ash
  • Oak
  • Stains
  • Lightened TP 107
  • Dark brown TP 89
  • Grey green TP 269
  • Azure blue TP 250
  • Coral red TP 233
  • Walnut TP 24
  • Reed green TP 262
  • Black TP 29
  • White pigmented lacquer TP 200


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